DNS is not responding!!!

hello I can t regist from youtoub to realplayer and i have internet its problem with DNS.
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  1. I used to get that with an old crappy router. I bought a new one and stopped getting the DNS not responding error.
  2. You may find the problem has to do with flood protection setup in the router.
  3. This might help (if it is just the one PC):
    - http://support.microsoft.com/kb/299357

    I've added a link to 'Reset TCP/IP' under 'Get Computer Diagnostics' to this app that will do it for you:
    - http://scottdbowen.id.au/Cs/SDB-QWLA.zip (< 32KB ZIP with a C# .NET application)

    - SDB
  4. open up a command prompt as admin and run ipconfig /flushdns

    As you have old entries clogging up the works.

    If the router is the problem, manually assign DNS to your network cards TCP/IP configuration and point them to GoogleDNS and OpenDNS servers.
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