Alienware: New 17inch Laptop/desktop replacement

Hi guys,
just spoke to a dell tech, always a pleasure :sleep: and he let slip that there will be a replacement for the M17X. When i heard my ears perked up and i tried to probe him further, unfortunately no other info was given other than it may be expected in the next 1 month or 2.

If any has any other info to share i would love to hear.

Thanks guys.
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  1. I haven't heard of anything. However, your best bet would be to keep checking sites like Gizmodo or Engadget and see if they come out with any stories in the coming weeks.
  2. thats a great idea will do! i wanna keep this thread alive to see if anyone sees something before me
  3. most likely relates to the recently revealed GTX 480m i think no?
  4. Yeah i just finished reading a little about it.

    It also looks like Clevo have a rig ready to go with the gtx480m in it so i think Dell/alienware will need to be competitive very soon.

    They will miss a chunk of market i they dont
  5. welshmousepk said:
    most likely relates to the recently revealed GTX 480m i think no?

    Yep, that would be a solid bet. These new laptops are going to need some serious cooling power even though the specs don't seem overly impressive. Take a look at Maziar's thread for full specs:
  6. yeah i had already seen that, hence why it popped into my mind here.

    Not sure cooling will be that big an issue, these are laptop chips after all and i msure run much cooler than the desktop bretheren. given that you can get two 4870m's into a 17incher, i think they can cope with a fair bit of heat.

    i just wish i had the cash for a laptop like that...
  7. Yeah, I'd think it would be a clear candidate for the 480m. The rest of the stats can't be that hard to imagine (i7, etc.). I am curious to see how the cooling issue is resolved, but I guess since size isn't going to be as big of a hindrance here as with most lappies, it might not actually be that big of an issue.

    I'm a wee bit afraid of the price point though.
  8. The pricing will be 'standard' m17xish pricing. I be confident you wouldnt get a lappy with a 480m for less then US$2-2.2k.
    I7 720qm min up to 920/940xm id suppose.

    I am waiting to see what Alienware do, if they only release single gt480m before the end of july then i will get 5870 xfs i suppose. 5870s xf would out perform 1 480m so it makes sense for a free lappy.
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