Great budget wireless mouse for gaming?

I am looking for a good wireless mouse that would be good for gaming.. not sure if there is such a thing there are so many different types but from what i gather Laser is the fastest? and i know a wired one is better but my current setup it makes it really hard to run a wired mouse without fighting for slack. Im looking to spend less than 50$ if you cant find one could you tell me what i should be looking for?
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  1. Cored17 said:
    I am looking for a good wireless mouse that would be good for gaming.. n

    That's kind of an oxymoron. Wireless mice tends to stutter or lag sometimes. If you do a search for gaming mice you will find that the vast majority (if not all) are wired mice.

    Laser mice have more precision, they are not faster.

    I understand your gripes about a wired mouse. I switched over to a wireless mouse last year; Logitech Performance MX. It's actually pretty good overall and also good for gaming, but not excellent since once in a while there is a big of lag or more rarely the mouse goes to the bottom of the screen for a split second.

    The Performance MX is above your budget though. It's currently selling for $60 after a rebate from I'm thinking about buying another one for my other PC. Like I said, it's good for gaming, but a wired mouse will still be better.
  2. Oh yeah, that rebate ends today so your order must be processed before the close of business today.

    Good luck in your search.
  3. quite a few people seem to believe that wireless mice "lag" enough to warrant using a wired mouse for games. this is not always true.

    if you purchase a good quality mouse you shouldn't have any issues. my old mx1000 (over 5 years old!) never had an issue to date besides running out of battery juice in the middle of something (but it has a battery meter on it)

    "mouse hangups" have been known to happen even with wired mice so i wouldn't dwell to much on that.

    laser mice will track (move cursor) when you lift the mouse up. optical mice wont. this means that if you lift the mouse around alot then optical mice would be better for you.

    if you want your cursor to move faster then you can change the sensitivity and dpi settings to match your style. higher dpi gives you more precise control but can also cause jittering if your hands aren't perfectly still.

    i would say look at logitech if you want wireless.

    if you would take a wired mouse if it had a long cord, check into the razer deathadder. the cord is rather long.
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