Best true 120hz lcd monitor to date.....

looking to buy one cause i can :P

i know these threads are every where but welcome to the tech. world things are always changing and being released.

im lookin' for the best true 120hz monitor to date (4/19/11). there are differences in them. ive seen on a quick glance that some are seeing ghosting or input delay or saying that the input frequency really isnt 120hz. this i was surprised to find... anyway im looking for testimonials and advice soon.

on a last note... my buddy has an acer 120hz which has been out for quite awhile.

his is this

the reviews are what keep me from buying one last time.

my OTHER friend has this

and its nice but i dont want the 3-d stuff and its on the spendy side compared to others

so what u guys think?

pls reply thx
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  1. ok these are big forums i admit but either ppl just dont care or these forums just suck. i know other forums to which posts just dont go unanswered very long... i find that toms reviews as well as the sites rep to be failing gradually... time to move on.

    i got actual help from a guy in our scrim team. no need to say what he said (which was surprising) as it seems no one gives a damn.

    thread closed
  2. ezk,

    one single day passes by without a response and you cry wolf? before you comment on lack of help, how many times have you stepped up to the plate before?

    that said, the vast majority of computer monitors are still 60hz (and there really is no need for 120hz) so this is why the few models you will find available might have issues. perhaps the reason nobody responded is because we dont have those particular models (you wanted testemonials).

    if you absolutely must have a 120hz monitor then you were following the right path by reading reviews from people who actually bought it on e-marketplace sites instead of a two model request for testemonials here. if you wanted general advice on monitors and such then this forum is where you should come instead.
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