Oppurtunity to change p4 2.8a(p) and mb, should i?

My friend is asking for them, i used them seldom so i can sell them no problem. Should i change my processor? and switch to 2.4 presscot which has good oc pot., or should i switch to amd. And my board is p4c800, are there any new boards out?
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  1. Do you need to upgrade now? Or can you wait till later?
  2. unfortunately, now. Thats why i am regarding more economical solution that would make a future change easier, or a future proof solution(a.k.a. utopia :P )
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  4. Hmm here are my suggestions:
    1. Do NOT go prescott no matter what the situation. There are always better CPUs for whatever price/performance range you need.
    2. So you want either an easily replacable budget solution or a more future proof solution.
    luckily that is a recent board with a very good chipset.
    If all you want to get rid of is the CPU then simply buy a 2.4C ( note the C please :) )
    Amd Athlon-M 2500+
    Asus A7n8x Deluxe ( i own this board and have no problems ever)
    This chip is the mobile variant meant for laptops, MONSTER OC'ing ability.
    Future Proof :)
    Athlon 3200+
    If you cant find any nforce3-250 boards yet then a MSI 8KT Neo (MS-6702) should do.
  5. Quote:
    Athlon 3200+

    Methinks you mean Athlon <b>64</b> 3200+. Don't forget there is a 3200+ Barton XP available, which is a different socket.... (not to mention a waste of cash too)

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  6. oh sorry.. ofcourse ofcourse! that motherboard will only work with an athlon 64 and the 64 is MUCH more future proof than the XP
  7. A64 3200+ is also waste of money.

    It's only 3-4% faster than 3000+, but costs ~25% more

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  8. hmmm, so decide between 2.8c and athlon 64 3200+ ? , btw i have 500 mhz hyperx, so sell them and go low latency 433 mhz too?(for amd) ??

    3200 has 1mb cache, tho prices we have here are 350 and 270 dolars for 3200 and 3000 respectively, an 171 for 2.4 and 200 for 2.8<P ID="edit"><FONT SIZE=-1><EM>Edited by Rapscallion on 04/18/04 09:44 AM.</EM></FONT></P>
  9. Quote:
    unfortunately, now. Thats why i am regarding more economical solution that would make a future change easier, or a future proof solution(a.k.a. utopia :P )

    ever hear of a savings bank account?

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  10. Latency doesn't matter as much to A64 as it does to P4. Use your HyperX or sell it on E-Bay. Prices are going through the roof!

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  11. i'll probly sell it, im not oc crazy anyway, i'll sell it for orig price and than buy myself some 433 low lats. Btw, i figured i could wait, but for a month, or 3/2 month at most
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