Questions regarding the Asus G73jh

Firstly, I must state that I am a complete noob at installing computer parts.

Now on the the questions.

I've heard that the G73jh has a keyboard that has quite a bit of flex - while others claim it's completely stable. Which account is true, or have they updated the keyboard?

I've heard that the G73jh's cooling system is inefficient, while others swear that it's the best out there. Again, which is true?

How easy is it to open up and possibly upgrade the processor/graphics chip?

How long will this laptop play the newest games on Medium @ 720p w/o upgrade? I need to keep this for at least 4 years and probably will be running only Mw2 and the future installments of CoD or similar FPSes. (BFBC2, MoH, etc)

Lastly, I've heard that the whole laptop in general is not well-put together, making it last for a short while. Is this true?

Answers would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. I've been doing a ton of research on the G73Jh, and it appears to be very easy to operate on. With the removal of a mere 2 screws on the bottom of the laptop, you have access to 2xhard drives, wireless card, and 3 of 4 memory sticks. Replacing the graphics adapter or processor requires taking the top half off (the touchpad/keyboard). I believe you can replace the GPU without taking the motherboard out, but you have to take it out to replace the CPU.

    The G73Jh's cooling system is very aggressive, that is obvious. People have reported many temperatures for the GPU, fluctuating between mid 70's up to high 80's. The fact is, none of these temperatures are enough to damage the graphics card. The newer gpu materials ensures that it can handle temperatures up to at least 100C (although it is NOT recommended to ever keep it this high). All of the rest of the components are cooler than the GPU.

    I'm getting this laptop to be relatively future-proof (which means it will last at least 5 years). The video card should be quite sufficient for all games for that time period, although I am certain not at full quality. As of right now, you can play all the current games at almost maximum settings.

    I haven't heard the laptop being badly built, but I have seen many design blogs commenting on how wonderfully designed the body of this laptop is. I have heard rumors that the cover only has a spray-on rubber coating and could possibly wear off, but I won't know until I get my own as I can't find anybody talking about it.

    I haven't heard anything about keyboard stability - no complaints at all, even on very negative reviews.

    Back to the cooling - It's very silent if you are in the drivers' seat, but that is because it focuses fan noise out the back of the case. I'm sure it is noisier if you have the screen facing away from you, but the laptop is almost whisper-quiet otherwise.
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