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Hello,i have a assus k40 series laptop which i bought brand new at xmas 2010 mainly to hook up to my hi fi to play music through-the hi-fi consists of a rotel 300 watt mosfet amp driving mission,rennaisance speakers which i play a ps2-toshiba dvd video player-free view box and tv and my 2 techniques mkII 2010s and mixer through which all sound crystal clear 2 even at bangingly high volume. However when i plug my laptop in via its headphone socket my world collapses around me by the totally shitty sound of what seems to be static discharge noise/earth static.-its so bad it embarresses and depresses me even when i disconnect the power lead to the laptop-please! please! how can this be resolved as i am intending to start djing again and cant imagine using my laptop as part of a set up with this problem-respect mistagroovy.
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  1. This is a ground loop...
    Many times this is caused by cable TV being hooked to the theater system. When you unhook the cable TV, the buzz will go away.
    Install a Cable TV ground isolator transformer between the cable TV and your audio equipment.
    Install 3 to 2 prong adapters on the grounded power plugs of the equipment. These adapters can be bought at the hardware store.
    After "lifting" the grounds, the buzz will go away.
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