dual PIII versus single P4

I am replacing a server at work that is primarly used for a custom web application. As background the server OS will be linux and the usage pattern will include:
- Static web serving (30%)
- Dynamic web pages via JSP lookup in a MySql database (40%)
- 5-10MB multile media file downloads (25%)

My choices for a new server are basically similar except for the CPU(s). My two options are either a dual PIII 1.1GHz machine or a single P4 2.6GHz machine. The remaining components are similar (1GB memory, hard drives same, etc...).

I don't have experience with SMP machines and was wondering what other people thought about which machine I should use?

Thanks in advance for you opinion,
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  1. i use a dual p3 1ghz for about 10 clients and as a domain server and have never expienced a slowdown of any type, works great for files and would probley be faster then any non HT p4 at server duties

    P4 2.8c
    Seagate 160g 7200rpm 8mb cache
    2x256 Crucial PC3200
    Asus P4P800
  2. The P4 ought to be faster overall, but response times could suffer on a single cpu machine if one of those apps hogs the cpu. And no, though Hyperthreading could help, it doesnt eliminate the potential issue, its no substitute for real SMP. What do you use now, and how does it perform ?

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