Windows 7 cannot now access certain websites after ISP upgrade

OK. Firstly let me say I was lucky to be able to load this page.

I recently upgraded my ISP service. Faster speed.

Since that time however, I have been unable to load my everyday websites such as, and many others. I can load and and do a search.

After spending a couple of days on this. I decided to do a complete new install of Windows 7 on a new hard drive to see if anything different by way of results happened. Using Explorer 8 which was on the installtion it didn't. I could go to those websites as previous, ie.' but if I tried to download for example or Firefox@ it timed out. This also happened attempting to get Explorer 9. I could also go to, do a search but as soon as I attempted to access my email that way instead of using, again it would fall over and timed out

Running diagnostics by microsoft gives me no problems. I have internet connectivity.

I removed my Router from the equation and made a direct connection using the ISP's modem.

I have spent over 31/2hrs on the phone, most of that waiting and am no further ahead. I had to go to my phone providers page to buy more minutes. Sure, I could load the homepage but guess what. That's as far as it would go. It timed out after hitting "buy"

Has anyone any idea's?
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  1. first, going the internet options in IE9. on the advanced tab, uncheck the "show friendly http error messages", then try the site you having problem with and try it again, and tell us the exact error message.
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