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If I have: 1 OEM license for Win 7 and 1 Upgrade License for Win 7 ~

Can you Install the OEM on one PC (which allows the Upgrade License to be applied correctly), and then apply the OEM license onto another PC afterwards?

ie. should the above licensing net me two Win 7 PCs, or just one with both licenses applied? Phrased another way, is the OEM license freed up when I apply the upgrade version?

I believe this was true for Vista- but am unsure on Win 7.
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    The OEM license is tied to the first computer it is used on and cannot be transferred to another. An upgrade does not deactivate the previous license. You need a separate license for each PC.

    It's the same for ALL versions of Windows.
  2. Hi :)

    As said above... BOTH your choices are illegal...

    All the best Brett :)
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