Installing Windows 7 and entering Serial later

I just built a new computer and have it all assembled. I also bought a new copy of Windows 7. Problem is the software is taking too long to get here and I wanted to test the system. Is there a way to install my current copy of Windows 7, that would somewhat let me access the computer, while the serial arrives?
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  1. Is there something like a test period or activate later sort of thing? I guess I am going to pop in the disc either way and see for myself.
  2. it should be 30s day for activation.
  3. oh, that's plenty. Thank you
  4. Hi

    You may/will run into problems later if type of Windows 7 disk you use to install from does not match what you buy

    eg Type:- microsoft oem, manufacturers oem, retail, retail upgrade

    version:- Home Basic, Home Premium, Professional, Ultimate, (Enterprise) (also N version no media player)

    (you should not be able to buy a manufacturers oem disk except from PC manufacturer as a replacement for lost disks)

    When you install the Windows 7 without entering key it will ask what version to install you need to get this correct


    Mike Barnes
  5. Thank you. I will certainly keep that in mind.
    I am currently troubleshooting hardware issues, so, at the end, the software may not be an issue at all.
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