P4 vs AMD

I plan to buy a new PC, don't know buy AMD64bits or P4?
this is the worry I think for....

AMD now got 64bit , will P4 outdated after a few months?

last time is 16bits world but after 32bit came out, 16 bits is outdated. will p4 32bits face the same thing?

any expect give suggestion??
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  1. The p4 won't be outdated until 64-bit software becomes mainstream, this may not happen for a year or two, by then, the p4 may have given way to a p5. Right now, to decide which is best, it really depends on what you need the computer to do. Do you play games, video/picture editing, what do you plan to do?

    "640K oughta be enough for anybody." - Bill Gates
    That'll be enough L1 cache for me too...
  2. I use for playing games, doing video editing and download file using BT(Bittorent), using 32 bits is enough???
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  4. oh man, your asking for whihc cpu is best, and yet you do both things that either cpu excels at. Which is more important to you? Every last fps in gaming , or every last second in faster video editing?
  5. i would say check out some benchmarks and compare the chips in your price range to see what's a better value, this may just start a war

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  6. more me BT is more important for me, because I use it for downloading movie and songs, sometimes editing video. games not so important for me.

    which is best for me? P4 or AMD 64??
  7. you should read this guide first..

    i think that will give you some figure on your mind about choosing the right cpu. but if i were you, i'll choose amd64..

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  8. for your main use the p4c is the best,for gamers amd 64s.

    Both will be outdated within two years;but the 64 will be able to used as a windows 64 webstation,most likely amd's k9 will be here before 64 bit becomes mainstream.All of the k8 sockets look like they'll be short term ones.Going for a cheaper platform and waiting for the real 64 bit cpus makes the most sense;unless you've got cash to burn.
  9. bt favors neither cpu, flip a coin then, seems as though either will do great for you. maybe just base it on how much you can spend, then flip lol
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