Need your help to choose a good headset

ijust need to chose a good head set know i compare between plantronics game com 780 as it dobly 7.1 virtual and the logitec g35 as it same have dobly 7.1 virtual and the last one Cooler Master Storm Sirus True 5.1 Surround Sound Gaming Headset (SGH-6000-KK5R1)
by the way all of thishave usb connector excpet the cooler master has both usb and anlog
for your inforation i dont have sound card but in my board there is 5.1 card i think
i need to have a good surronding in game and movies
thats all

thank you
waitting your fast reply
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  1. SQ/$$ wired, stereo cans trumps "headsets" all day all the time :P So get something like a JVC RX700, Superlux HD668B or Samson SR850 and pair that with a Xonar DG??
  2. Sennheiser will cure your worries
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