Ati 5870 > Gtx 480 ?????

Apparently the Ati can perform more flops (1.12 terflops) and the nvidia can perform 800 gigaflops. But for the 480 the put CUDA in front of the gigaflops. Are these 2 completely seperate means of measuring processing power or is the 5870 just more powerful?
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  1. The gtx 480m should perform significantly better than the 5870 in games. Performing more flops doesn't exactly translate into better gaming performance.
  2. GTX 480M will perform better but no one knows by how much,you have to wait for benchies for exact difference
  3. I've search around and found that the 480m is actually faster than the 5870 with a 850mhz processor. Is there any chance that ATi may announce a 5970 mobile chip this summer to one-up Nvidia?
  4. You have found no such thing, there have been no tests conducted and all anyone is doing at this point is guessing. NEVER believe what nVidia says without proof. They haven't told the truth even once in the last two years about their new products.
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