I am having a very hard time figuring this out. I just built a new PC, and everything is working great. However, when browsing the internet some websites will run very slow,(Seems to be the same ones as well) almost a crawl, or even timeout and I have to keep refreshing. Seems to be sights with pics to download, like newegg promo page, shutterfly, capitalone log in. Other sites fly no issues.

I have tried allot of things:
- IE9, then down grading to IE8
- bought a graphics card, as I was using the on board graphics card my ASUS MOBO has, and road runner support said I might try this
-had road runner tech guy out to look at internet connection and they said everything was working on their end. He suggested a reinstal of windows 7, but again this is a brand new computer
- disabled firewall, disabled malwarebytes
-installed wireless router drivers

I have a laptop running win7 and is connected wirelessly, while trying to access certain websites and getting the hang up, I can access the same website on the laptop no issues. I even went with a wired connection to the laptop and still was flying on those websites that kept hanging on the desktop

So at this point I am at a lose as to what to do, I feel I have tried everything short of a new install, which I just spent a whole day when I did the new build getting everything up and running and would prefer not to do this all over again and for the problem to still not be fix.

HELP! Thanks :)
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  1. You've installed both your router drivers/firmware AND your ethernet controller drivers?
  2. I did the ASUS MOBO set up disc with all its updates, the ethernet is on board as well. As far as the router goes, I just installed the software today, didn't see any changes to issues. No sure how to check if proper drivers and firmware are the most up to date, so welcome any help there too
  3. I just found a new ASUS suite and downloaded it which installed all the latest drivers for all its onboard componets. I also downloaded the realtek ethernet software, but it said I already had it, but allowed me to repair it, so I did, and it reinstalled the drivers(not sure if it checked for latest driver too) and lastly I downloaded an intel Mgt engine components program. I am not even sure what this program is, but ASUS recommended this for one of the updates it wanted to do as it needed this program

    I will see if any of this makes a difference, but wanted to at least post what I have done in regards to the updates...
  4. Update your java.
  5. reboot your system
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