Help please

So i just built my first computer :).

I think i messed up though cause I wanted to use my 180gb ssd as a boot drive and I do not know what to do. I installed windows and some drivers on the hdd but i want to start over and I need some guidance.

I am doing a clean install now. once thats done how do i make the ssd the boot drive to make my system scream! :)

please help.


also will i need to put drivers on both hdd and ssd? (again total newbie here)
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  1. 1. Disconnect your old hard drive.
    That is so windows will not put a recovery partition on it.

    2. Make certain that the sata mode in the bios is set to AHCI(not raid or IDE).
    That will cause windows to load the trim enabling drivers for better performance.

    3. In the bios set the boot priority for your windows dvd first, and the ssd second.

    4. Install windows on the ssd.

    5. Later, you can reformat your old hard drive and attach it, making certain that the ssd is still the primary boot drive.
  2. so what if i just did a clean instal without knowing what u just told me? should I shut down, disconnect ssd, (default is AHCI), set boot priority, and then install just on SSD? If yes, do i put drivers on ssd? after all this do i connect hdd and then install windows on it?
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    Windows must be on the device you boot from. It is called the "C" drive.
    It can be on either the hard drive, or the SSD.
    The best use of a ssd is to have windows installed on it for performance.

    If you just did a clean install on the ssd and can boot and run fine, then you are good.
    When you install drivers for any device, they are installed in a windows sub folder on the "c" drive, namely your ssd.
    Drivers are files which contain code needed to manage specific devices. They become part of what you load into ram when you boot windows.

    Any other devices that are attached are fine.

    The issue I was trying to warn about is where windows located it's hidden recovery partition.
    It will try to locate that partition on a device separate from the "C" drive.
    It is not large, perhaps 100mb.
    The problem is, that it needs it to boot, so if you have it on a second drive, like your HDD, you can not remove the hdd, or wipe it clean for some other use.

    That is why I suggested your clean install be done without any other drives attached. Then the install will have no place to put the recovery partition except on your ssd. That is good, and what we want to do.

    After windows is up and running on the ssd only, then you can reattach your old hard drive with or without windows files on it.
    You can delete them if you wish.
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  5. did it. thanks!!!
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