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I'm going to upgrade my computer, I need a new CPU, Motherboard, Memory "ram", Graphic card, hardrive and a very good powersupply,.. I'm mainly going to use this cpu for gaming,.. Enemy territory to be more exact.. so anyways.
I was thinking of a p4 3.2, and a Radeon 9800xt,, but I have a hard time decided what motherboard, ram and harddrive to buy.. I got a decent ammout of cash,. I just want to buy a really nice computer, and not waste cash on low end parts, if I could have gotten better for the same cash.. plz post your suggestions on:
Powersupply 550+

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  1. Mobo for 3.2C Abit IS7. Why do you need 550watt Psu?
  2. actually if this is really for gaming, then your best choice is the amd ahtlon 64 3200+ or 3400+. that ahtlon 64 line performs the best for gaming. as long as that is your main focus is gaming then your best bet is amd 64. but id suggest you wait on buying a new system for like a month. The new nvidia geforce 6800 U and ati X800 pro will be out by then and you can really get a card that will last longer then any card youd buy today, if your wanting to buy a high end card. Also, by then youll have better choices in amd mobos to pair with your amd 64 chip, youll probably want the nforce 3 250GB chipset, its the high end.
  3. i also have to say that a athlon 64 is probly a better bet and a better value, but i just bought a p4 2.8c. the 9800xt you should hold off on for a little while as it really dosen't perform that well for the price. why a 550watt PS, no real need as a good 400 should cover anything you need including added case fans and cold cathodes. as for mobo i got the asus p4p800 and have done relly well with it. it allows a locked pci and ram speed if yor going to OC and want to play around. as for ram i would say don't be sucked into the most exspensie stuff. it's not bad but it's no use if you don't plan to over clock. i use crucial pc3200 and have OCed it to about 225fsb with no problem or instability.
    good lck but i might say you'ed be better off holding out a month or two

    P4 2.8c
    Seagate 160g 7200rpm 8mb cache
    2x256 Crucial PC3200
    Radeon 9800pro 128
    Asus P4P800
  4. I was told that the graphi card and the cpu would need at least 400, to run well, and I have several extra fans atm aswell to support.
  5. its true that for the newest nvidia 6800 U they recommend a 480 w power supply
  6. Having too much power supply is like having too much sex: it may use up a little more juice but it won't hurt ya!

    "I am become death, the destroyer of worlds. Now, let's eat!
  7. Thanks for the advices, and even though I really need a new cpu, having 40 fps at times in enemy territory isnt fun. but looks like the new graphic cards are really owning the best ones currenlty not just by a few fps, but sometimes twice, and 3 times as much..* so I will have to hold out, untill they come to the stores*
  8. yeah wait till the 26th, then you see the numbers of the new ati card, compare those and buy accordingly. but there is one wrench in the works. the ati X800 pro wont be the high end ati card for long, the ati x880xt will be released a month later with beefier numbers and a 500 price tag like the nvidia 6800 U, but the ati x800 pro will be 400, so it seems it wont be aimed to compete or beat the 6800U, tis very interesting indeed
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