Help! Prescott 3.0Ghz

I got a Prescott 3.0Ghz yesterday and used it on my Gigabyte 8IK-1100 ver1.0 (with bios F10) and the system became very unstable, kept crashing after 2-4min. Temperature monitor in bios sits at around 68-70c which is very hot for the computer is not doing anything.

Can anyone shed some lights?
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  1. Prescott = Room Heater. Perhaps you need to buy a better HSF / Reseat your existing one, and wack some AS5 on it.
    Id leave well alone those chips until the D0 stepping comes out (cooler chips them - hopefully)

    That was... different... kinda slimy... sorta warm... yet, suprisingly arousing...
  2. Hi,

    had same problem. try to disable Hyper Threading in the BIOS. it will sort it out, but i still dont know how to get the Prescott 3.0 to run full speed with HT enabled, which it should.

  3. Yes!! finally found someone with the same processor as me!! I figured out the problem over the weekend, I was using a 333mhz DDR ram, which is the prob... I changed to a 400mhz ram and the system works ok. do u use 333 or 400?

    But one prob remains, idle temp is 59c fully loaded up to 78c.. how is yours?
  4. What intel is doing is crap! they should not have released the chip if they have overheating issues! whilst the manual said that the max cpu temp should be 69c for a prescott 3.0ghz, mine goes up to 78c.

    dun think this is healthy for the chip.
  5. If it was overheating it would also be clocking itself down to save the silicon. This is a fabrication technologies issue as seen with no other major semi conductor company with 0.09u readily available.

    So cool your jets and live up with what you purchased.


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  6. I actually thought of that, but since I paid good money for a 3ghz, it would be a waste of money if i run it as a 2.8ghz or something.. could've save some bucks and buy a 2.8ghz instead?
  7. probly shouldnt have bought a prescott in the first place...

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  8. "But one prob remains, idle temp is 59c fully loaded up to 78c.. how is yours?"

    Congrats man, preshot starts throtteling at those temps, so essentially you got a cpu with 2-2.5 GHz performance that costs like a 3 GHz one, and produces heat and noise like a 5 GHz. Sweet deal you got there !

    I am severly limited in what my mind can perceive.
  9. Hi,

    My prescott seems to run at normal temp, which I understand is 40c to 50C. I must say i have a Zalman CNPS7000 A/CU cooler on it, but it ran about the same with retail cooler, maybe slightly hotter.
    Your temp seems a little high, but maybe you live in the Sahara ;-)
    Anyway, if your box dont cool, or circulate air, your CPU is trying to cool itself with warm/hot air. So maybe the case venting/cooling needs to be upgraded.
    Finally, alot of people might tell you that the Prescott runs too hot, as they compare it to NW. The Prescott is an entirely new processor (well...) and have about 2.5 times the amount of transistors, so naturally it will get hotter than NW. Im sure the boys over at Intel took note of that and designed a slab that can handle that temp.
    SO its not running HOT, its running warmer ;-)

  10. he's probobly a [-peep-] idiot who doesn't know how to attatch the hs/f. there's no [-peep-] way u could get those temps unless ura retard.
  11. His ambient could also be high as well.


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  12. how?? he put the machine in a [-peep-] oven
  13. Perhaps he is clever as that.


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  14. *he's probobly a [-peep-] idiot who doesn't know how to attatch the hs/f. there's no [-peep-] way u could get those temps unless ura retard.*

    Well zer0, you are a [peep]ing pile of dog $hit! if you have nothing useful to add, just shut up! you dumb [peep]
  15. thanks dejay97, i am gettnig the zalman cnps700a/cu this weekend, hopefully that would solve the problem. I ran it the other day outside the case and temp was between 50c to 67c (with ambient temp of around 17c).

    have u fixed yuor HT problem yet?
  16. Space Donkey and Etpert,

    Don't worry about that jerk Zero-doen't his name say it all!!! I have a P4C 3.0, not a prescott, but the same issue. Mine runs around 43C under light load, antivirus, norton security and surfing the web. Under heavy load's- playing Far Cry, it goes up to 68C+. I am also worried about how hot my processor gets. Some forms I have read say 50C and under at idle is ok, others say it should be around 30C. The montering software on my motherboard (MSI) says maxis around 85C. It is confusing. I shot off a email to intel to get their take on this. I will post the results to this thread. It won't exactly be your processor, but you will get a general idea. To all the rest like zero, come on, this is a form to get and give helpful information-Not show what a @#$% you are.
  17. Stability is the only true temp test. The temp sensors on boards are 2 bits worth of sillycon. Chances of them being wrong are close to 100%. If you are really worried, get an infrared thermometer and shoot your guts. What will really kill is the temps on the v-regs. They could be above 75c.
  18. #Endyen "Stability is the only true temp test."

    The truth in a few words.

    I have not fixed my HT problem yet, but i have not really had the time. I run it without, which is fine for the aps i use at the moment. Hopefully i can borrow some hardware this weekend and try a few swaps, i also plan to test my PSU in detail.
    Please let me know how the Zalman worked out for you.

  19. I supposed, but seeing the high number just does not provide me with the level of comfort I need. But if it doesnt go unstable, I think I should be able to live with it. What temp monitor do you use? The one that comes with your m/board?

    Sure, will let you know how it goes.
  20. Have you ever heard about Athlon64 with Cool&Quit technologie ?

    (now Zero is gooing to be totally mad)

    Toms Hardware Site is a joke !
  21. u morons better prey that when i get a 3.0ghz prescott that it runs at 70c. if not i'm flaming every bullshit post on this board. btw the 2.4 prescoot i had ran at 45c under full load with stock hs/f.
  22. Zero,

    What is your problem. Are you just a lonely, friendless jerk looking for new ways to spread hate. If your processor runs cool, great-tell others how. Get a girlfriend or something-REALLY!!!!! Even after all this, I hope your new processor runs nice and cool for you.
  23. Zero isnt happy with the fact Intel is screwing up big time, Zero get over it, the Pentium M will do great on desktop, aldo it will take years before they will be able to compare with Athlon64.

    Never fun suporting the losing team...get over it dude :)

    Toms Hardware Site is a joke !
  24. One of the reasons i went A64 was temps and noise. In a warm room with just a few low rpm case fans, my 3200 A64 oced to 2.32ghz never goes over 38C load even with the stock HSF on low.....

    Other reason was gaming performance.....

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  25. Speeduk how could you run so cool?
    The highest i could go at 1.6Vcore is 2270mhz, my temp still gets to 44C, but when i bump it up to 1.7Vcore, which gets me to 2430mhz, the temp only gets to 49C. So i guess there's a minimum heat difference between 1.6-1.7Vcore.

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  26. Coop,

    I understand and appreciate if zero has issues with Intel, I have an issue with them-hot processors. It is just he should word his input to be "attacking" Intel for what they are doing wrong, not anyone trying to resolve issues. We are all here to get and give information for our passion-computers.
  27. # ETperth

    Seems my HT problem was purely a defect CPU. I just ran the system with a 2.8 Ghz NW and had no problem whatsoever, including Hyper Threading.
    Now i will have to fight the shop for a new CPU.

  28. Quote:

    u morons better prey that when i get a 3.0ghz prescott that it runs at 70c

    Buying an overheating CPU wich can not make use of Windows XP 64 bit in a few months.
    Looks to me you are the moron !

    Toms Hardware Site is a joke !
  29. Thats good then, at least you uncovered the problem. The shop should replace it for you, or else you can go direct to intel.
  30. No I havent, but I cant use Athlon64 now that I just bought a Prescott, will have to buy a better cooler and live with it then... didnt imagine this could happen to an Intel cpu (used to have to worry about this for AMD cpu only)
  31. Thanks for that mrmonsoon,

    Please do let us know what Intel says about this. I think differnt makers fo m/board have differnt temp measurement and result will be different..
  32. I understand that you would like to know what the normal and maximum
    operating temperature are for your Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 processor at
    3.0 GHz.

    The maximum operating temperature for your processor is 70 degrees
    Celsius. The normal operating temperature will vary depending on the
    applications you may be using. For more information about Thermal
    Management, please see the following website:

    You may also want to check the Thermally Advantaged Tested Chassis List
    at the following website:

    Please do not hesitate to contact us again if you need further


    Bob R.
    Intel(R) Technical Support

    That doen't make me feel very confortable about my full load temp. I am also looking into what endyn said about m/b temp sensors not being very accerate. I am also investagating what Scottchen said about vantec aeoflow cooling.

    Many sources say that Prescot processors run much hotter than norwoods. I read in ""-very cool site with lots of good info- that Prescots put out 100-110 watts of heat, norwoods are only supposed to be in the 75-80 range. As I have read many posts at several sites and noticed two very seperate camps of P4 users. One complains they cannot keep their procssor cool, the other can't understand becouse their processor runs cool. Just like some processors (same type and speed) are very overclockable and some are not. It seems you and I have ones that run hot. I hpoe it doe not force me/you to go to water cooling.
  33. Hi,
    I just built mine on a Biostar board on 5-27-09 and when I lit it off it was running around 135F. I have a fan in front blowing air in and one in back bring it out and my case is all vented. So I removed the heatsink cleaned off the original paste and bought the Artic Silver type ceramic paste the sell at Radio Shack in a tube for $2.00 and installed it. I used very little on my finger to smooth it around the bottom of the hearsink in the area of contact. To much paste is worse than none they say. I started it up and after two hours I am running at 103F or 40C. My suggestion buy some better paste and put a thin layer on the bottom of your heatsink. Get rid of the old gray paste that comes on most heatsinks that all you do is pull away a piece of plastic.
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