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hello, ive recently bought a pair of 5.1 surround sound headset that comes with an amp and 4 colored jacks: green pink black and yellow. I know my sound card can support 5.1 audio but theres only a pink and green plugin on the front of my tower and green and blue on the back.

Should I buy a new sound card eventho it would only be for the plugs?
Is there any kind of way to add the black and yellow plugs missing?

what do you suggest?

thanks :) and sorry for de bad english.
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    green TRS 3.5mm stereo output, front channels
    black TRS 3.5mm stereo output, rear channels
    grey TRS 3.5mm stereo output, side channels
    gold TRS 3.5mm dual output, center and subwoofer
    blue TRS 3.5mm stereo input, line level
    pink TS 3.5mm mono microphone input

    green is for the front speakers
    black is for the rear speakers
    gold is for the center and subwoofer
    pink is for your microphone

    i have no idea why your integrated soundcard, slot soundcard, or whatever it is that you have hooked up has the ports split between front and rear.

    if that is the case then yes you might want to get a cheap $20 soundcard to throw in your pci slot if just for the connections.
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