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Hello, I cant seem to figure out how to send 1 file to a new folder ... so options from SEND except compressed folder (which I dont want) or desktop ... I image this is simple ... could do it with old computer ... this is an Acer bought new 2010
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  1. Open an explorer window for the source folder.
    Open an explorer window for the destination folder.
    Drag file from source folder to destination folder (Move) or
    Right click/hold and drag from the source to destination, release and select Copy (Copy).
  2. thanks for this info, but I dont use explorer ...... I'm looking to be able to do this when I am not online .....
  3. I am talking about windows explorer, not Internet Explorer. Maybe I should've used the term My Computer window.
  4. no, not internet explorer, windows explorer. Like when you click on my computer or my documents and a folder opens up, often with subfolders(programs in my computer, music/video/pictures in my documents. Like what has been said, you can open both the source folder and destination folder next to each other(resize using controls in the corner of the window if need be) and drag and drop files. Or, you can highlight the item(s) you want to move, right click, select cut or copy, right click in the new folder, and click paste. Copy is perhaps somewhat safer than cut, but would then need to delete the files in the old folder after they've moved to the new folder so you don't have duplicates. I believe you can reverse a cut by right clicking and selecting undo. Good luck.

    Edit: gotta work on typing faster...
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