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I posted a similar message earlier, but now i have more detailed info.

I ran astra32 and got the full scoop on my system. I'm running a Compaq Presario 1500 with a Pentium 4 1.6a NON-mobile processor on a 82845MP chipset motherboard. I'd like to upgrade the processor and am wondering what options I have available. As far as the advantages of a mobile processor, I'd rather give up battery-power and speedstepping for all-out performance.

I've seen Pentium 4-M's as fast at 2.4 but they're EXPENSIVE! Since I already have a non-mobile processor, shouldn't I be able to put in a desktop Pentium 4 chip? I'd like to go to a 3.0/533 chip if possible.

Any suggestions?

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  1. This is a laptop, right? Due to the Cra**y Compaq web site, I can't tell how fast a processor Compaq offered in this model, but that would probably be as far as you could go in terms of an upgrade.

    Normally, I wouldn't count on being able to upgrade the CPU in most laptops since they are usually designed very specifically for the chips they come with or with very few options. CPU cooling and on-board power circuitry are a couple of areas which probably won't support a 3.0 chip like you want not to mention your Compaq BIOS probably won't recognize such a chip. Your 1.6a is a 400 MHz. FSB (100 X 4) chip so your system may not have a way to set a 533 FSB for one of the faster chips.

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  2. You could try overclocking your 1.6A to 2133MHz if your system supports 133MHz FSB, but that would likely require pin modifications beyond the risk most people will take.

    2.4A should work but might overheat, I don't know how much cooling your laptop provides. P4-M 2.4 would be a better option as it's a lower voltage processor and would require less cooling, but like you said, it's expensive.

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  3. It's weird because astra32 detects the 845mp chipset but my motherboard has a mPGA478*B* socket which according to Intel is a *desktop* socket. (the mobile socket being 478M).
    I'm wondering about the 400 vs 533 dillemma as well...
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