Connect receiver to computer?

I found an old sony str-k660p and want a way to connect it to my computer for gaming with surround sound.
here are pictures of the cables i currently have involving audio and my computer/receiver ports: (its an album)
so would i need cable adapters or a whole new cable? i really want surround sound for skyrim (traded in my xbox copy and waiting for steam sale this month :D)
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  1. Just use any Coaxial or Toslink cable and connect it to that SPDIF out directly to the receiver.
  2. does the current cable I have go into the spdif out? or do i need a whole new cable?

    (the cable fits but im not sure if its supposed to go there)

    EDIT: I just googled coxial to spdif and it turns out they are basically the same, and i have a spdif cable. so id connect the current cable to spdif and coxial ports?
  3. i plugged my cable into the spdif out and the coax aand nothing happens. i checked every option (Video and DVD with every possible input option) and nothing has worked... i made sure that the signal flow is going to the receiver box, but i tried it both ways...
  4. Any coaxial cable will work. Cable is difference other than the end connectors. The signal is what makes it an SPDIF.

    Make sure you plug into your receiver in the correct port. If nothing works, check the receiver's settings.
  5. thanks. ill try that
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