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I wiped my PC & i don't have any windows product keys or anything (I built the PC myself) (already have windows 7 ultimate installed on it w/genuine (no product key)

I installed using a friends Win7 Home Premium Retail DVD, i now need a product key to use to make my machine genuine. can i buy a win7 home premium 64-bit OEM and use that product key or do i have to buy a Win7 Home Premium 64-bit Retail copy for the product key.

Windows 7 is already installed i just need to buy a product key from a reliable source like

can anyone help me please :)
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  1. you have to buy a disc with the key for the os you want to use oem will stay with first install and retail could be reinstall if you have to get another motherboard also you will have microsoft support the retail also come with the 32 and 64 bits os disc,oem only got the one you buy,stay there is some fellow from AU that could give you best place to shop for this
  2. "I built the PC myself" "no product key" = This post has been reported to a moderator.

    - Then get Windows 7 or Windows 8 that matches what you've already installed (from your 'friends' disc).

    - Your product key should be on a sticker on the case, assuming you're not just fishing for other peoples product keys which won't work anyway.
    - Otherwise it will be with your original OEM media still.

    If you can afford a computer you can afford to pay for the OS.

    If you don't want to pay for Windows, then try Linux instead.
  3. I'm sure Newegg would ship to Aus, OEM version for $99.99US, don't now how that compares. You have 30 days from when you installed before you have to activate. In theory the OEM version has to stay with the original Motherboard, but in practice a phone call to M'soft is usually successful in activating if you have to replace it. Cheapest route to a new OS is to buy a copy of XP Home on Ebay and use the upgrade offer to upgrade to Win 8...
  4. Kk thx guys, i decided to go and buy the Retail Package for $250 Home Premium, thx for the help :)
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