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I have a new A7V8X-X mb with 512mb pc2700ddr, a AIW9700pro video card. I use this puter for everything, games, buning dvd's, and surfing the net. My question is is it worth 200 bucks to replace my AMD 1.8xp with a 2.8xp or 3.0xp.
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  1. I think u should just buy a amd 2500+ mobile for like 100 some and u can o'c it to a 3200+ easily and you'll have much better performance then ur 1.8.
  2. Get an AXP 2700+, it cost only ~$100. There performance difference between 2700+ and 3000+ is ignorable, since they're equally clocked (3000+ has 512kb L2 cache, compared to 2700+'s 256kb, but it helps very little).

    For $100-$110, AXP 2700+ is a good upgrade from AXP 1800+

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  3. thanks for the input...will look into the 2700
  4. I agree with ahgill, go with the Mobile 2500+...great chip with "the sky's the limit" in terms pf OC'ing....even if you dont want to overclock, you will save on some power and that might help

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