MI problem win7

I wonder if anybody can help never had this problem before after a fresh install etc.

I keep losing HDMI through my TV wich did work fine until I done a fresh install,now all updates are up too date,windows graphics ,chipset etc everything!
I have a ATI card HD 5770 a Abit board realtek is the HDMI audio source !
I have downloaded and installed Realtec HDMI audio,as well ATI audio etc!

Now here is my problem the PC is linked too my TV through HDMI lead ,now too choose the screen for PC through the menue on tv is HDMI 1 too choose my Xbox is HDMI 2,now if i come out of the PC HDMI 1 and so go on my xbox then say come out of HDMI 2 from my xbox too the PC on Hdmi 1 the sound goes and shows configure your display and sound blah blah ,so for example even though through playback devices even though ATI HDMI and pic of the tv screen is my default if i leave HDMI 1 too say HDMI 2 and then go back too HDMI 1 this happens it is driving me nuts!

I have unistalled graphics drivers tried differnet realtek drivers old and new ,and it is still a problem,only way too get sound is too restart pc,but as soon as i jump too another HDMI input and come back too hdmi ! for PC it goes again No sound!

Can anybody help on this as it's making me a bit Mr Angry..lol. :fou:
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  1. Well looks like I sussed it myself after many hours,it is definetly a problem with the latest graphic drivers from AMD/ATI i tested this 4 times too be sure i just installed an older version of cataylyst version 12.1 to be exact and yep working fine so far fingers crossed! Big probs for AMD then I suppose if they are aware of the issues that is!
    Hope this helps anybody else who may be ripping there hair out!
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