Can AthlonXP 2700+ for 333 run on 400 buss speed?

Can AthlonXP 2700+ for 333 [thoroughbred] run on 400 buss speed?
And overclocked like that - what should I do to keep it alive?
Thank you.
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  1. It is possible, but we need more information on what RAM/MB/CPU you are using. As in all OC'ing, it differes from case to case. The RAM and board will make a big difference, but either wont matter if the CPU just can't do it...

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  2. well im uprading and id keep the cpu - the motherboard would be @400 as well as the ram
    the board would most probably be nforce2
    the ram - kingston
    im not much into overclocking
    and its not the idea here - i just want to know
    if i can put that cpu in that system
    and keep it from frying...
    thanks :)
  3. I ran my old Duron Morgan 1GHz @ 1.25 GHz (7.5 x 166MHz) for all of its usefull life without a single glitch.

    AMD CPUs can tolerate a lot of overclocking and are very flexible when it come to exceeding the factory defaults. It's just a matter of finding the good combination of FSB, multiplier and voltage by trial and error using programs such as <A HREF="" target="_new">Prime95</A> to test your system for stability. Ideally, you'll need a powerfull HSF, a stable motherboard and fast namebrand memory to get to your CPU sweet spot.

    You'll probably need to unlock the lower multipliers if you want to use a 200MHz FSB, I think that 2.6GHz (13.0 x 200MHz) won't be possible but a more conservative 2.2GHz (11.0 x 200MHz) clearly is within your reach.

    You'll first need to work your way up in increments of 100MHz by increasing the multiplier by 0.5 at a time until Prime95 Torture Test start to return errors. Hops of 100MHz don't give you a lot of headroom but you can later try to set a FSB over 200MHz in 1MHz increments, resulting in bumps equal to the multiplier you are using to fine-tune your overclock.

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  4. 200? i dont get it...why 200 when the cpu is designed for 333?
    and what i was hoping for is getting it to work like everything else on 400...
  5. 200 is the actual fsb speed, though it gets called 400 because of DDR or dual data rate. With a fsb of 200 mhz with DDR the effective is 400 data rate.
    Is this an older xp2700+ as in with the multipliers unlocked? If it is, it will run atleast 200 X 11, or xp3200+ speeds. If the multiplier is locked, it is not likely to be able to get to 200 fsb as most xp chips top out around 2.3 or less. ( the mobile chips are the exception) Higher speeds can be reached with non- conventional cooling.
  6. I'm running XP2700+ @ 200x11.5
    I had to use condutive grease to unlock the lower multipliers.

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