What is the best budget gaming headset?

I am new to this kind of thing. For around $100-150, which gaming headset at newegg would give me the best experience? Would I also need a sound-card?

Right now, I am thinking about the http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16826816005 but I am not really sure about it.
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  1. depends on the interface. some headsets connect via usb and have their own electronics inside and some connect via 2 or 4 wires depending on if they are stereo or surround sound.
  2. Which of those interfaces would you recommend I look for in a headset?
  3. do you have a soundcard or integrated sound on your motherboard? if so how many ports does it have?

    personal preference would be to use one without any electronics inside which means at minimum a stereo set would have one 3.5mm for mic and one 3.5mm for the headphones. if you bought a surround set you would have one 3.5mm for mic and 3 3.5mm for the headphones.

    if you do not have a soundcard nor do you want one then usb would be the only option..

    again i would stay away from usb if i was buying it for myself... but that is my own choice. do as you wish.

    what you need to do is look at headphones in your budget range and compare features and interfaces. then make your decision.
  4. I currently have integrated sound on my motherboard and has one port for microphone and one for sound. I'm going to get a job later on this summer and build a new computer, so I could buy also buy a sound card in addition to those headphones later on if needed.

    I looked in another thread and one guy seems pretty set on this http://www.amazon.com/Plantronics-GameCom-780-Surround-Headset/dp/B006ZS5ATM/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1339184800&sr=8-1 would it be good?
  5. those ports are enough for a stereo headset and microphone. for a surround set you would need more ports. my motherboard comes with 5.1 built in.

    not sure on platronics.. you would have to read a review of it.

    personally i hate headsets. i use my stereo studio headphones (audiotechnica ath-m50s) and if i need a microphone i use a desk stand version.

    your call though. most people prefer headsets for the convenience and low cost.
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