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Allright, i have no idea what happened to my dad's laptop. He is going nuts. His laptop is IBM (Lenovo) R51 thinkpad. So here is the deal:
When we press turn on button i can hear cooler and nothing else. Screen is black. That lasts forever. I tried to sit there for 5 mins and nothing happened. My dad thinks its either display or hdd. I think its rather hdd because nothing happens. Pls help if you can!
Thanks in advance :bounce:
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  1. were there any warning signs during use?

    typically random program freezing, system crashes/restarts, variable performance before total failure is consistant with a hard drive failure.

    as for the display it could be either a burned out backlight or the electrical connection inside the laptop hinge that is faulty. also a video card failure could knock out video.

    you might want to do some tests before you cry wolf though.

    -turn the sounds up, do you get a windows startup sound?
    -do you even hear the hard drive spool up? (for non-ssd drives)
    -does the computer make any odd bios beeps to suggest an error?

    since it appears that the computer starts up to POST but sits there then my first guess would be the hard drive as well. i suppose a video card might cause a non-start but this isn't as common as HDD failure. a backlight or connection problem would allow the laptop to boot up completely so i doubt this.
  2. If you have no video at all during boot, it's not the drive. Either the screen went bad or the video card fried. Either way you'd need to have a tech open the case and test/replace parts.

    For an R51, not worth the cost of replacing. Get a new laptop, or at least a newer used one. T43s go about $200 or less used, even dual-core T60s can be found for about $300.
  3. Remove the hard drive. Boot. Fixed ? no continue.
    Remove the memory one stick at a time. Boot. Fixied? No Continue.
    Replace the memory. Pull the battery for 5 minutes. Replace the battery. Boot. Fixed? No.

    How about a new laptop?
    If you need the data from the old system, you will need an IDE laptop hard drive to USB reader.
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