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here is my problem laptop
The backlight no longer works so I need to replace the screen. It uses a tft lcd 15.0inch active matrix display. Can I replace this with a xga tft or a sxga, uxga?

looking on ebay have yet to find a better place to buy laptop screens.
The only exact match I found was over $160 and the laptop is not worth much more then that.

I am asking because I found this one for $32

I gues the other part to my question would be does it matter if the screen came out of a toshiba or dell? Would I still be able to put it into my gateway?

Thanks in advance for all the help.
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  1. I have replaced several laptop screens before. mostly dell and ibm as well as a gateway once.

    there is no exact match on ebay but there are very close ones that cost more then the laptop is worth. I gues i will continue to research the "xga" cant find a good artical anywhere.
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