Free Microsoft Office word and excel 2003

i need it, please help
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  1. download office 2003
  2. Look elsewhere instead of trying to do something illegal.

    Tom's doesn't support thieves.

    (That being said... how can you figure out how to post for help on a forum but NOT do a google search to get the answer? I just don't understand...)
  3. Is there not a trial version of this?
  4. Or use open office. No need to pay for something with free alternatives.
  5. There is a trial of Microsoft office you can use.
  6. ridwan_52 said:
    i need it, please help

    Think software piracy is a crime with no victim? – Think again. Illegal software use costs developers worldwide over $50 billion a year in lost revenues. Don’t participate in piracy and report any piracy you see to the BSA:
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