Where can I report a staller on Backgammon?

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The support doesn't seem to be that great or easy to find
on Zone :(
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  1. Archived from groups: microsoft.public.games.zone (More info?)

    krystalll wrote:
    > The support doesn't seem to be that great or easy to find
    > on Zone :(

    For questions/complaints about the Zone Rating System, please send an
    email to, mailto:zratings@microsoft.com You will also find more info

    To Block a particular Zoner from ZM, in your ZoneFriends, click on
    Options, click on Privacy, then Click on Custom and add the person's
    name you want to block.

    Creating A Chat Filter - Each Zone member can create their own
    supplementary chat filter blocking out words they don't wish to see
    within the main lobbies. Here's what you do:
    1. Open up Windows Notepad. Enter each word you wish to filter from
    the chat. Each word must be on a separate line.
    2. Save the file to: "C:\Program Files\MSN Gaming Zone\". Save the
    file with the name "badwords.txt" (without quotes).

    That's it. You can open, change and save this file over and over again
    to keep your supplementary chat filter up to date.

    To ignore a player - Find the player you want to ignore and right-click
    their Member ID. Click Ignore in the drop-down box.

    Silence kibitzers within games.

    Leave a game

    If an opponent becomes disruptive during a game, does not play by the
    agreed-upon rules (for instance, kills their own teammates), or “stalls”
    the table, simply quit and start a new game.

    Add his name to your list of losers.


    MSN® Gaming Zone™ - Technical Support

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