Swap windows 8 and windows 7

I have an windows 7 recovery image & an windows 8 recovery image and an desktop and an laptop laptop has windows 8 installed, desktop has windows 7

i would like to uninstall windows 8 and use the windows 7 recovery image to install windows 7 on my desktop and uninstall windows 7 and use an recovery image to install windows 8;

what steps do i need to take to do this?

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  1. As i understand your question you wish to swap the operating systems between two computers by using a image file of the two hard drives.

    There are three main problems with doing this, the first is that the Windows activation will become deactivated requiring you to buy new license keys, the second problem is that although Windows 7 and 8 are very good at recovering from being transplanted to another computer it is by no means certain that this will work and between a laptop and desktop I have my doubts and third you will need a spare hard drive to hold the image while you are doing the swap unless you want to burn lots of DVD's

    I think that you should give up this idea. :non:
  2. how do i stop the windows 8 from being deactivated i have the windows 8 product key
  3. if is it an OEM license, you can't swap it.
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