Hp compaq dvd player always failed when burning dvd/cd

Lately, my HP Compaq built in dvd player always failed when i tried to read and burn dvd/cd. It stack /or hang up when playing and also giving error message when in writing or verifying session. It also failed to read & copy the dvd burn by it but works perfectly with other external dvd player (no brand chinese dvd player). How can that it be? Isn't the built in dvd player supposed to be better than the external dvd player? So, what's the point in buying laptop with built in dvd/cd player when you can have mini laptop/notebook with external dvd player that plays read and write better?
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  1. Try updating the driver/firmware for the drive via HP's support site and see if that does the trick. It could be that driver/firmware is out of date/not compatible with the program that you are using.
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