Sound driver for mainboard PI945GCM


I am unable to down load sound driver for mainboard pi945gcm from this site

Can any one help me for downloading this driver from internet for free.
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    This might work. It lists the SAME AUDIO CHIP as your motherboard. (The driver has no links from the motherboard or audio chip site).

    It's very horrible sound though. You would be better to look for a $25 Creative PCI.

    1) get a card like this:

    2) Make sure the audio is DISABLED in the BIOS (disables the onboard audio chip)

    3) Download and install the proper Creative drivers (match the card AND your version of Windows)

    *Also, if you have a LEGAL copy of Windows XP/Vista or Windows 7 you can get an upgrade to Windows 8 PRO (digital download costs $40).

    Like this:
    1) Ensure your current Windows is legal
    2) Go to the Windows 8 Pro upgrade site and follow digital download instructions
    3) *you MUST get the 32-bit version if your current Windows is 32-bit (and 64-bit/64-bit)

    4) Download the Windows 8 ISO image
    5) Burn to DVD if possible for backup
    6) Install Windows 8 (just follow instructions)

    7) Get Start8 or a free Start Menu replacer (Microsoft MIGHT bring the Start Menu back due to lots of complaints).

    **Many people with older computers upgraded to Windows 8 Pro and their systems run really great.

    (It's even POSSIBLE that Windows 8 might contain AUDIO DRIVERS for your onboard audio.)
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