Replace cassette with phono preamp.

Hey everyone,

I am trying to mod my JVC mx-gt80 so that I can use it with my turntable. I have built a phono preamp for the turntable and it just needs to be connected to a power source. I figured, "I never use my cassette player anymore, why not replace it with the preamp?" That way I could run the output of the preamp to where the cassette output used to be and use the cassette power to power the preamp.

It sounded easy, but I can't find any specs for cassette input power or any repair manual on the JVC unit.

There are two ribbon connections going to the cassette section of the device. here are the labels next to the ribbons.

The preamp requires 9-18VDC and around 300mA.

If anyone knows which of these connections I need or where I can go to make sense of them, it would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. No, No No, step away from the receiver, for your own safety.
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