what machine/OS ?


I wonder what machine/OS people are running seti on.
I use a AMD K7 600@721Mhz with Linux running 8 (!) parallel text seti instances. This way there are enough WU's for 3-4Days and I don't have to care. Maybe there's a minor performance loss due additional scheduler work, but who cares - science is important, not all the stats...


P.S. Hate on WU fakers!
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  1. I have a
    P4 1.4 512MB win2K 3.03 cmd line
    PIII 800 512MB win 98 3.03 cmd line
    PIII 700 512MB win me 3.03 cmd line
    PII 366 128MB win2K 3.03 cmd line & seti driver 20 wu cached(laptop)
    These are all at home

    I also agree about WU hacks.

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  2. Right now I'm using
    Duron950 w/256mb ram
    464c w/ 256mb ram both running win2k server

    Dual Xeon 550 w/2mb l2 cache 1gb ram (1 instance)
    p2 350
    2 p2 400's
    p3 550
    p3 667
    2 p3 733's
    all running nt 4.0 and Seti Command line as a service.
  3. PII300 128MB Win98se------first 200 work units, what a struggle.
    900 OC to 1 gig Tbird 256MB cas2 Win98se----Now I'm getting some work done.
  4. Amd 1 Ghz
    Duron 600
    Celeron 500
    Celeron 466
    Celeron 400
    AMD K6 350
    Pentium 233 Notebook
    maybe one or two others running part of the time.
    All running WIN 98 or ME

    I am doing about 12 units a day now. Going to catch up and pass a lot of you guys pretty quickly. You had better go and recruit more PCs under your name.

    Michael AKA Beetlenut Chewing No-Neck aka THGMAN

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  5. I have:

    Celeron 533, Win98SE, Text(3.03) Client
    AMD K6-2 500, Linux, Text(3.03) Client

    I do around 3-4 WU a day, granted my girlfriend doesn't get on the Windows machine and turn off the client. :) The Linux box is a different story, I run it in the background and I am the only one in the house who knows how to kill it, so it is always running.

    I will be adding a Thunderbird 1Ghz soon, so that should give me a nice boost. :)

    Cya L8r
  6. got these computers under my name, but only the p3 belongs to me. Between 3-5 units a day right now.
    Running dual boot 98se and 2k adv server on the Cu
    Running 98se and 2k adv server on the Athlon
    Running 98se on the celeron and the k6-2

    Athlon Classic 750
    P3 Cu 600EB
    Celeron 400
    K6-2 300

    Companies that = cancer
    ati creative lexmark micro$oft mitsumi rambu$ via
  7. K6-2 400 oced to 450 256mb
    K6-2 500 256mb
    K6-3 450 128mb
    (all with Win2K Pro)

    P3-450 128mb Win98
    K6-2 ??? 96mb Win98 (I can't remember, as it isn't mine)
    Gonna add a Celeron 366 128mb Win98 and a few other Celerons 400-600mhz 128mb Win98 or Win2K in the near future. Hopefully a T-Bird 1.3 OCed to 1.6 with 512mb DDR in a month or two.
  8. These are my home PCs:

    TBird 1GHz @ 1.1GHz
    Duron 600 (need a new mobo before oc...)
    P3 600 (notebook)
    Celeron 500 @ 563
    Celeron 466

    I'm averaging 11.4 wu's per day on these units, I run the cmd line under Win ME.

    Unfortunately I have not found SETI for my PS2 and my two Internet Terminals have no HDD so they can't help either.
  9. I've got three at home running the 3.03 graphical client (with the screen saver turned off of course).
    Athlon T-bird 750 OC to 850 on an Asus A7V, 256 RAM, Win 98SE
    Celeron 566 OC to 935 on an Asus CUBX, 256 RAM, Win ME
    Celeron 566 OC to 900 on an Asus P3B-F 128 RAM, Win 98SE

    The Celerons are the CuMine core and seem to run SETI faster than the Athlon clock for clock. I have them running SETI pretty much all the time. If I really want to, I can get one of the Celerons up to 1020 MHz. and it'll do a 4.10 WU in 7.5 hours!

    I notice a lot of you guys use the Cmd line client. I tried that on a load of Win2K, but had problems getting it to hook up and send the work units back... basically it wouldn't. How much faster would the Cmd line client be?

    Also, any advice on caching WU's? I don't do that now, so my machines dry up often if I'm not around to feed them. Yes, I only have dial up :(

  10. The command line is a bit faster. Even if the screensaver is set to go blank after a minute, I've noticed that the cmd line is a few hours quicker.
    If you have a dial up connection you should switch over to something like <A HREF="http://www.wakeassoc.com/setidriver/" target="_new">Seti Driver</A>. Seti driver only works with the cmd line though.
    Hope this helps.

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  11. I noticed that after I switched over to SETI driver all my PCs got faster, the biggest gain was on the TBird and the Duron though. SETI driver can do the caching, which I recommend (I lost a few units by closing down teh DOS window by mistake while transfering, so be careful).
    My P3 600 is running just a little faster 13h14min compared to the old Celeron 500 (@563) on 13hr34min. This could be due to the fact that the notebook is only 64MB, while the Celeron has 128MB, however the Notebook is dedicated to SETI, while the Celeron is used by my wife 4-6hrs/day.

    SETI Watch is an excellent tool to manage several PCs in the home/office, it can read the log of all the units you have done and manage all the PCs. I can from my main computer see the average time per unit on all my other PCs, here is the time/unit:

    TBird 1.1GHz: 6hr49min
    Duron 600: 9hr07min
    P3 600: 13hr14min
    Celeron 563: 13hr34min
    Celeron 466: 14hr38min

    Fastest unit ever made was 5hr00min on the Duron 600, I have no idea why this unit was that fast...
  12. Scarecrow,
    Thanks. The SETI Driver works great. After I saw Lowlypawn climbing up my tailpipe, I figured I couldn't afford to have my machines run out of data any more. I loaded SETI Driver last night... and tonight I popped 4 WU back off my two main SETI machines! Thanks for the link!

  13. My Celeron 466 burned up so I replaced it with a TBird 850 (not overclocked yet...). these are the average times of my past 202 units (since Feb 20th):

    TBird 1.1GHz: 6hr40min
    TBird 850Mhz: 7hr16min
    Duron 600: 9hr30min
    P3 600: 12hr55min
    Celeron 563: 13hr20min

    SETI Watch keeps track of all my units and counts average times and all other cool stats, seriously recommended!!!
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