200ms Delay in TCP/IP Ack on Windows 7


I have an application running in Windows XP. The application collects data from DSP acquisition and draws curves on the screen accordingly. When I ran the application on Windows 7, it is 10 times slower. Turning off TcpAckFrequency, TCPNoDelay and TcpDelAckTicks makes no difference. Windows 7 TCP/IP portal always sends ACK 200ms after receiving data pack.

Setting TcpAckFrequency or TCPNoDelay to a different value does not make any difference (after reboot).

Would anyone tell me what to do next?
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  1. When I switch the OS back to Windows XP, it takes only 10ms for the application to ACK the DSP data pack.
    So, it is actually 20 times slower in Windows 7. All the hardware remains unchanged.

    The system is using NetGear Fast Ethernet Switch model FS108 between the application and the DSP.

    We decided this is a dead end. Something wrong in Windows 7 handling TCP/IP Ack.
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