Need Idea for High Volume Color Laser?

I need a suggestion for a high volume color lasr that can do two sided prints for my company sales sheets. We are looking for somethign reliable with low total consumable costs. Any ideas out there? Currently using Dell 5110 color laser and I think we have some repair issues. May fix this equipment but am looking for some new stuff as well. The key here is keeping toner costs low. I can use some NON Oem stuff on the Dells.

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  1. I'd stay away from Dell. HP is an industry leader and I'd recommend them. They offer printers at whichever duty you need.

    The Konica printers are nice too but their crayon system sucks!
  2. Xerox has good large volume printers for enterprise.
  3. why dont you just get something on a click charge paying per page? then you dont have to worry about buying toners/repairs etc... What do you call high volume? (how many pages per month?) does it need to only be a4? a3?,6970,239544855_653293763_1069337109_en,00.html?tabId=1 this is a very fast/reliable a4 colour printer with high capacity print cartridges
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