My computer formatted but it running very slow windows 7 configuration is perfec

my pc configuration is core to duo processor , 160 gb hard disk , 2 gb ddr2 667 ram.
these all are properly working .
format pc and clean installed but it very slow means any window open it hanging .
please give me one solution
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  1. Hello,
    Have you check (most likely you have, still have to ask) for the most recent drivers?
    Is your pc home build or brand? If brand have you check the company website for help?
    Is W7 up to date?
    Have you tried a newer installation (not repair) from scratch?
    Have you tried to reset bios settings?
    IS your ram in 1 stick or in more? If more, try 1 module at a time.
    These are only a few solutions, it may not even be
    Your post is too vague to give a more accurate solution
  2. This is an easier fix than you would think. This website (link) tells two easy things to do that speeds it up for me every time. This is the first thing I do to every computer I get when the owner says their computer is slow. Good luck!
  3. Hi there,

    I'll start from introducing myself:

    Toshiba Satellite C660-21Z
    Version: PSC0QE-04X00CEN
    Intel Core i3 M 370 2.4 Ghz
    System x64
    Windows 7 x64 Ultimate SP1
    RAM 4Gb (one stick)
    HDD Toshiba MK3275GSX 300 Gb (AHCI SATA Controller Mode)

    My story:
    I dropped my laptop while being switched on resulting instant HDD and RAM failure. I've got the replacement RAM and HDD (exact same I was hoping to revive my HDD and recover files by switching circuit boards - didn't help) and installed Windows 7 x 64 Ultimate, but it was running extremely slow. Just as for bhaskarreddy, pretty much every window I open, especially folders, Word 2010 and even Task Manager were none responsive for most of the time. While downloading all the software I use to have via uTorrent, the downloads stopped stating message (in torrent status bar) something like this: Error: Write disk could not be performed... full disk...I/O... bla bla bla... (free space was about 265Gb) So I thought it's HDD error, run Win7 HDD diagnostics- all good, then I went to your forum, and I thought before crying out loud I will follow soho62 recommendations, although I couldn't believe That could help, given new installed system. In fairness, CC cleaner did remove 500 odd MB, but when I proceeded to use Norton Power Eraser it said I need to reboot first. So I did, and never booted up again. So now I'm crying out loud! I'm not asking to help me to boot the windows again, 'cos I'm re-installing it as I type, but I do hope if you could give me a few pointers of what the heck I can do to solve this issue once new windows will be installed.
    Thanks for trying.
  4. Hello,
    I've bought this Dell precision m4700 with the following:
    intel core i7 3820qm
    AMD firepro m4000 2GB
    8gb ram DDR5
    and I need the laptop for CAD drawings and video renders. I've recently updated the HDD to an 128 GB SSD to gain more speed. The problem is that after I've reinstalled windows 7 Professional x64 (registered, not pirate), all necesary drivers and my programs , it still running slow (for ex when I open my computer still takes 3 seconds for the window to appear, or even winamp takes 4-7 sec). It's not about the programs. They run smooth and fine, but the windows still runs like from an old PC . I've been using Tuneup utilities for reg clean ans such, but seems even slower. Is windows always like this?
  5. I guess your problem is kinda related with corrupt system files, lack of drive optimization, problem pertaining with startup items and so on. You can fix the issue just by downloading hotfix or following alternative steps given below.
    Optimize Background Services:
    1. Click Start, point to All Programs | Accessories | Run.
    2. Type “Services.msc” (without quotes).
    3. Click OK button.
    4. Scroll down, locate and right click an unnecessary services item and select Stop.

    Clean Temporary Files:
    1. Click Start, point to All Programs | Accessories | System Tools | Disk CleanUp.
    2. Select a disk drive, click OK.
    3. Clean-up all temporary files, system and browser cache, setup extracted files, and so on.
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