5.1 Sorround sound speakers?

hey im in the market for some 5.1 sorround sound speakers, i want logitech. which of their 5.1 speakers are the best for gaming. please not to expensive guys:D
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  1. Well you have two things here that often don't mix "best" and "not to expensive".
    How about listing an exact or a close amount you want to spend.
  2. hehe well i was thinking something really good. i dont really have a budget. its just the best bang for the buck i guess:D
  3. Did you check www.logitech.com?

    Only two 5.1 speaker models there, one is $400 suggested retail, the other $100. I have an old version of the THX certified ones I got for about $300 years ago, 4.1 set, great speakers. Have not heard their cheaper set.
  4. ok thanks man:D
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