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I was wondering if putting many wallpapers in a slideshow that changes every hour affect the performance in the boot time? Does it also affect the performance after boot? I am planning on collecting many wallpapers and putting them all in one theme but I am worried that putting too many would affect the PC's performance.
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  1. it will take a little more ram than usual, if you have 4 gigs of ram or more you should not worry
  2. Is the difference in ram consumption really that noticeable or not really? I have 8 gigs of ram so would I notice a difference in performance if I put plenty of pictures? Also, about the Boot time again. Would it be affected?
  3. I'm not positive but would assume that no matter how many pictures you have in the folder the load times for booting should not change -- figure the slideshow program just loads the current picture into RAM and swaps it by loading the next pic from the HDD when it is time to display it and frees the Ram used by the previous pic once the new one loads -- SO the amount off resources used will be the same whether there is 2 pics or 2,000,000 pics in the folder - the only change would be the amount of HDD space used by the folder --- There is no reason the entire slideshow would ever be loaded !
  4. Thanks man! Now I won't have to worry putting too many pictures in the slideshow.
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