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Hi everyone
I am currently using Sennheiser PC 360 G4ME headset with my Asus Xonar D2X sound card and think are they are both great products and would recommend both, but now id like to get some stereo speakers to use for playing my music during the day. I am not sure if i want active speakers or passive and i assume i would need some sort of amp for passive speakers, so if anyone could recommend either set up and the best way to connect it to my sound card' I am not sure what cables id need to connect to my sound card so any advice would be much appreciated. I am willin to spend around £300-400 ($460-620) maybe a little more if i thought it was worth it, I want a nice balance to the sound and not just looking for the loudest set up i can get for the money.
Thanks in advance :)
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  1. Oh well i guess no one had any suggestions, i asked same question on a audio forum and got a few replies so i went with a Marantz PM6004 intergrated amplifier and a pair of Monitor audio Bronze BX2. sound is good would like to know if it is worth spending a lot on a good 3.5mm jack to x2 RCA cable? any suggestions on a good cable?
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