What do i do for message that came up on my computer [/noexecute=optin

i reset my computer last night to factory setting and just as it was at 98% the computer dyed now all i get is sutup for first use then that goes and a message comes up about windows . iv now got a message that reads edit windows boot options for windows 7, path:\windows\system32\winload.exe,partition 3 , hard disk:34b1b59e,[/noexecute=optin so could anyone tell me what to do now
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  1. Yep, reinstall, any number of files could have been corrupted during the failed install.
  2. thank you for replying . i cant do nothing it wont start windows at all . i think im better off leaving it into the repair shop its a notebook emachine so cant use disk not that i have one but i know nothing of what im at so i give up thanks again :)
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