Alienware M15x or Asus G73jh

I stuck on choosing whether or not to get a g73jh or an m15x.
I want decent gaming performance, should be able to play the CoD series 4 years into the future at 720p or 600p, with normal graphics settings. I also want some level of upgrade ability, such as install a new graphics card to achieve the goal stated in my last sentence. I don't really give a crap about weight or size. Screen size does not play a role either in my choice. Lastly, I want something that is durable and not cheap feeling while still aesthetically pleasing to look at.

Which one of these laptops would fit my needs the best.

Specs on both systems

M15x - 2k-ish
900p screen
i5 - 2.53ghz 3mb cache
128 Gb SSD
Nvidia 260m - 1 Gb
4 GB 1066mhz ram
+ Razer headset
+ Razer mouse

G73jh- 1.8k-ish
1080p Screen
i7- 1.6ghz 6MB cache
320 GB 7200rpm + 80 GB SSD
ATi 5870 1GB
8Gb 1066mhz ram
+ Razer mouse
+ Razer headset

The reason I'm asking you guys is that I was originally going for the g73jh, no questions asked until I realized that it's plastic construction and that the upgrade ability may be weak. Bang for the buck doesn't matter too much - Durability and upgrades matter the most.
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  1. I'd shoot for the Asus, as even though it may be a bit cheaper in regard to build, you are getting the better hardware. Plus, I haven't really heard anything bad about the g73jh in regard to bad build quality.
  2. g73jh You really should state the model also. As theres a1/a2 and I think x1

    I know I got an asus x1 just not exactly sure if it's a g73jh-x1 or if there was a minor difference. But either way it's a dream.

    I'm over here in Afghan and only had it over heat twice. Once because I had it on a cover playing games *yes it was stupid totally my fault*. The other was because our office doesn't have no fans or ac yet. So it tends to get really hot.

    But as I have no issues with anything else so far. The fans really seem to move the air, I play all games at max resolution for my laptop without any problems. AC2, dirt 2, crysis, and a bunch of others.

    Mine while a tad heavy, feels very sturdy.
  3. What are you talking about plastic construction they both are plastic. Secondly neither laptop are gonna be upgrade friendly like a desktop would be. When most people buy a laptop about the only thing they will upgrade is hard drives and RAM. I hear better durability from the Asus G73JH, then the Alienware. I have several people who bought alienware and the computers have stopped a few months after the warranty. I know many Asus users to love their systems and to have them much longer.

    Just my advice on the both of them.

    Reviews on both of them

    Asus G73JH
  4. B4 anyone takes the plunge for any ASUS G73 model (and there are a plethora of them) I would look at this link:
    If you want the potential to have to reload BIOS, update drivers, etc. go for it.
    I feel I lucked out with mine, but I did get it from and excellent etailer who tested it B4 shipping to me.
    ASUS G73, Intel SSD, BR reader, Win 7 Home Premium
  5. I would get the alienware. I hope i dont get ppounded because i said this but although the asus is quite a bit cheaper and has a better graphics card, the alienware wit
    the 260m can easily play most games on ultra and the 5870 is either for like crysis on higher settings or just plain bragging rights. The alienware is a much better build, much much better display and it has really cool extras liek teh razer copperhead, alien fx and it overall looks a hell lot better. etc
    BTW the cooling system on teh alien is better so it would be able to use more of ur hardware performance
    One really bad thing about the m15x is teh keyboard lag when not on charge :fou:

    I have
    i7 720qm
    6gb ddr3 1333mhz ram :D
    seagate 500gb 7200rpm
    gtx 260m

    It runs all my games like a dream.
  6. If the asus dont BSOD, asus.
  7. There are numerous reviews of the Asus models at Many people mention issues with the keyboard which I find unacceptable. I am a fast typist and a game player and if the keyboard is working correctly, it is good for neither.

    The BSOD's apparently can be fixed with software updates to the BIOS and video drivers. Also turning off HDMI fixes other issues.

    Oh well...
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