How can i backup e-mails from Outlook

I am going to format my HD and i want to backup my e-mails from Outlook Express and Outlook 200 without the use of a special program. Any help?
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  1. sure .. search for inbox.dbx and zip and save it the dbx files are outlook databases and contain the outlook folders\files

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  2. I will try it tomorrow. Thanks for your help!
  3. I know you said without the use of a special program, but I have used Express Assist for years, you can try it out for like 30 days free. It will save your E-mail address's, Inbox, Save, Drafts, Outbox, even your Block Senders and Favorites List and restore the whole thing from 3 1/2 floppy disks in minutes. You can find it through the download sites like Tucows, or ZD Net, give it a try, do your reinstall, and take it back off your machine if you don't like it, it'll save you a lot of trouble. Ryan

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  4. This site has extensive information on Outlook:
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