Cheap security measures could save lives


i have a very simple question

security these days is a pain in the ### so

we need something to make us gain control over ouer computers

PC are very easy to control in comp with a netbook

a very simple rat can make a hacker gain full use of ur netbook

and netbooks are movable personal so he can hear & see every thing he want's of your daily life

attack these days are getting morecomplicated more advanced and harder to delete

but i think there is a security option we have
that hardware companies took it from us

and it's the Unplug it thing yes it's very easy yet it's not yet being applied

if there is a simple swich on the webcam and mice and it's turned off

no matter how is advanced the attak you are getting
it wont bypass it

so why Hardware manufacturer took that option from us

hell i didn't use the cam and mice since i got the laptop

and another example

why MB don't have a BIOS protection jumper ????????

i update my bios rarely Like once in a life time
why should i have my MB bios exposed to the Outside world

when a 1$ jumper can save my life

and BTW those switches and jumper are really really cheap
and tiny so they wont take space or money to make

so why do hardware companies cheap out on these stuff ?

i write this because i wish i can find in the future some considiration about that
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  1. Gigabyte boards have dual bios which is patented and only on Gigabyte boards.
    Fool proof!
  2. yes the dual BIOS thing is very cool thing

    BUT there was a simple cheap solution

    "the Jumper "

    i wish Hardware maker read this article

    it's really importent

    becasue as i remember most laptop don't have a dual BIOS
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