My speakers will not work right.

So i have the logitech 5.1 Z506 surround sound speakers. I have a rocetfish 7.1 surround sound PCI card i just installed in my computer, when I go to configure my speakers and test them, all work except the subwoofer. But if i try to play a video on youtube only the two main speakers work (front left and right). Does anyone know what I can do to fix this?
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  1. Those are stereo, there is no rear sound info in them. Does it work fine on DVDs and games? How about regular music? Is YouTube the only issue?
  2. What does that mean? They wont work with a computer? And no they dont work with anything
  3. They should all work when playing something with surround sound, did you try to see whey the sub does not work?

    If you do a test and the audio goes to all of the speakers you need to poke around the settings and see what may be causing this. I don't have your setup, so can't point you to something to look at.
  4. yeah they all work in the test, except sub, but ill keep trying. thanks.
  5. Where should I try going? Ive opened playback devices, selected mine and configured it with no luck.
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