I bent my iPod frame

Recently, I bent but not cracked my iPod frame/back/whatever you wanna call it on the side on the volume control buttons (4th gen). It is bent outwards to where I cant use the volume down button. However, the iPod works fine. It just looks kinda nasty.

Should I take it in to the apple store for them just to fix it? And if so, how much would it cost?
Or should i just try to fix it myself?
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  1. If you are still under warrenty, let them fix it. If not, fix it yourself. Im assuming its an iPod touch, so its kind of a pain to take it apart, might just try bending it back carfully.
  2. Haha thanks but recently my iPod got thrown across a room at camp...sooo it doesn't work anymore...any suggestions?
  3. Zune HD if you can find time to transfer to Zune software.
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