a64 vs XP-M upgrade.....

Since the s939 will be delayed until June and the fact that there is almost no 64bit windows type software, I think I will wait on my a64 upgrade until then. But I also want high performance, so my current plans are to upgrade my current chip, mb, and ram. Here are my ideas –

AMD Athlon XP-M 2500 (oem)- $91
AMD Athlon XP-M 2600 (oem)- $99

I have chosen the 2500 or 2600 XP-M is because they are overclocking friendly. :D I have the Aero 7+ hsf and so far I can get my 2700 @ 2.15 to 2.45 with 55 idle to 62 load temps! Not to shabby.

A7N8X-E Deluxe (NVIDIA nForce2 Ultra 400 + MCP-T) (retail)- $106

Asus is my favorite for mb manufacturers. I have fewest problems with them, but I would like some suggestions for a mb, considering that I basically ignored all of the information about NVIDIA’s nforce2 chipset. The reason being is, that every NVIDIA product that I have owned previously would break or not works and all had really bad performance, but this was back when 3Dfx was still around, so I hold grudges who cares. Now I am paying for not being opening minded. But hopefully I can just keep my currnet Asus A7V8X-GBL. Your experiences?

Ram –
Does running in dual channel mode for ram improve performance significantly? I would like to run in dual channel mode (if it does), but I did not buy my two Kingston hyperx PC2700 sticks as a dual channel pair. Does this matter? Would I benefit at all by buying a dual channel pair of a higher speed like PC3200? Considering that the XP-M’s fsb is 266. If I estimate my overclock at its highest would be 16x166 = 2656. Which is pretty much the highest anyone has gotten, but more realistically 14x166 =2 324 (Besides the obvious of using a 200ms fsb instead of a 166mz).

My current system is –
AMD Athlon XP 2700 @ 14x168 (2352) Its warm so I underclocked a bit.
Asus A7V8X-GBL
Kingston hyperx 2700 512MBx2

Would upgrading my mb and cpu for about $200 give me any real performance increase? Because if I am going to pay almost $300 extra for the ram I might was well just get my a64 system now. Considering this –

cpu –
Athlon 64 2800 retail - $187
Athlon 64 3000 retail - $223

K8V SE Deluxe - $129

PC-3200 1GB
$202 - $388

PC-3500 1GB
$238 – 285

PC-3700 1GB
$247 - $345

PC-4000 1GB
$288 - $359

Ouch!!! Here are some ddr price ranges from newegg. Most in not all of the ones that are in there are two channel modules (512MBx2). If I do buy ram then I would want it to scream in my future s939 system, so if I have to buy ram what speed should I get? Also I have always bought Kingston ram and have had no problems. Your experiences?

Thus getting the a64 system would be $316. When compared to the $200 for the XP-M, the a64 looks a lot better and performs significantly better, according to the tom’s benchmarks.

But if I include ram the XP-M system would be $402 where as the a64 min would be $518.

Please list your comments, ideas, and thoughts. Thanks again.

On a somewhat different topic -
If you have a a64 system that you would want to sell I may be interested (just cpu, mb, ram). Also if anyone is interested in my current cpu, mb, ram or a p4 2.0ghz system contact me. Asap.

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  1. If i were you I'd go with an abit mobo and then get a dual channel pair of pc3200 so you can have your bus and ram both at 200.The dual channel bandwidth should give you a sizeable proformance differnce sorry but i dont know of reveiw for single vs dual channel but im sure they are out there.

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  2. I would just save your money for the A64 when you decide to upgrade.You won't see much difference in what your using now and the 2500 mobile.No noticable increase with dual channel with athlon systems.Better to run single,you can get higher fsb that way.
  3. It doesn't seem like much of an upgrade to me. It also puts you in a bad spot to upgrade later. If you have an xp chip running at 2.4, it's about the same as an A64 3000+. Then you would want to wait for the 3700 at least. Even that is not worthwhile when you are paying so much for the chip.
    Your present system is running as well as an A64 2800. Would you buy a new board mem and chip, for anything less than a 3700? Perhaps when the other registers are usable it will be worth it.
    I am in the same boat with an xp-m clocked to 2.4. I really want to go A64, but it's just not time yet.
  4. My biggest problem its that i find it weird that I run the same benchmarks on my system, that the people at tomshardware (among others) do and yet my scores are much lower then theirs. Thus I thought it was my chip and the lack of dual channel memory support.

    Does anyone have any benchmarks with dual channel memory us single when involving games?

    How much performance improvement could I expect with getting the XP-M chip and running in dual channel mode (using PC2700), vs. running an a64 (using PC2700) when compared to my current system?

    As for my current system running as fast as the a64 2800, that's a little off. According to amdzone's benchmarks the 2800 is just barley behind the p4 3.2 and the 3000 beats it in all but pure megahertz benchmarks.

    How ever my biggest fear is my 9800xt upgrade situation all over again. I bought 3 video cards (9500, 9700, 9700 Pro) one right after the other and barley getting an improvement. Thus I want my next upgrade to be noticeable.

    So, the verdict is buy or wait?

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  5. Wait or buy an A64. Downgrading to a 2500+ to overclock it, and get a new motherboard for it as well, is just throwing away your money. Its borderline insane.

    It seems you have a 9700 Pro ? In that case, I would just get a s754 + A64 3400 or something *today*. No need to wait for s939 (see my other posts on the subject), and if you feel that combo is not fast enough, throw in a 6800/X800 in a month or so.

    > I bought 3 video cards (9500, 9700, 9700 Pro) one right
    >after the other and barley getting an improvement.

    Congrats. what did you expect from a 9700->9700 Pro upgrade ? Don't make the same mistake again by going from a 2700+@2.2 Ghz to a 2500+@ 2.35 GHz. It will make ZERO noticable difference. In fact, i'm not even sure a A64 3400+ would make all that much of a difference.

    Either that, or don't buy anything at all (you really need something faster ? Honestly ?), but yet another barton (especially when you have yours overclocked well beyond 2 Ghz) and another socket A MB makes <i>zero</i> sense. Just my 2 cents.

    = The views stated herein are my personal views, and not necessarily the views of my wife. =
  6. i recommend teh A64. my mobile @ 2.5ghz is only getting slightly better performance (from the synthetic benchies ive looked at) than a A64 3200+

    theres a chance you wont get your mobile to 2.5ghz, plus you dont get the benifits of having the on-die memory controller, and you can o'c the A64 as well

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  7. Actually my video card is the 9800xt. I was just saying that I bought those 3 other cards and finally settling with the best. And it rocks when overclocked.

    Thus getting an a64 it is. Since I want to overclock what mb, cpu, & ram do you recommend?

    I would prefer either the 2800 or 3000, but if the 3200 would overclock better then of course that would be a better choice. But also considering that that 3000 is barley (~5%) slower then the 3200 in most benchmarks, it don’t think the extra $60 dollars is worth it, unless the overclocking ability is there.

    Should I buy 2 sticks of 512mb DDR or 1 stick of 1024MB?

    How are these bands ?
    PC3500 512MBx2 (dual channel kits)
    Samsung - $200
    Geil - $242
    OCZ -$245
    PMI - $248
    Muskin - $275
    They say its major brand and tested. But you get what you pay for.

    PC3700 512MBx2 (dual channel kits)
    PMI - $247
    Geil - $275
    Kingston - $285 (hyperx)

    PC3700 512MBx2 (dual channel kits)
    PMI - $288
    Geil - $295

    Here’s a small list of what newegg and pricewatch has to offer.

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  8. The A64s dont oc very well. You are looking at a gain of 10% in some apps, 2% in games. Dont waste your money.
    IF and Ido mean IF you have money that is burning a hole in your pocket, drop $100. on an NF7-S board.
  9. <A HREF="http://www.anandtech.com/mb/showdoc.html?i=2036&p=6" target="_new">A64 3200+ overclocks +23% at default voltage</A>

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    <A HREF="http://geocities.com/spitfire_x86/myrig.html" target="_new">My Rig</A> & <A HREF="http://geocities.com/spitfire_x86/benchmark.html" target="_new">3DMark score</A>
  10. >considering that that 3000 is barley (~5%) slower then the
    >3200 in most benchmarks, it don’t think the extra $60
    >dollars is worth it,

    considering that a A64 3000+ would barely be faster than your current overclocked Barton, i'm not sure it is worth $500+ either. I would at least go for a 3400+ and then overclock it, or postpone the upgrade all together. incremental upgrades of just a few percent each time are not worth it IMHO. FWIW, i suspect your current setup would be roughly the performance equivalent of a A64 2800+ (stock speed).

    = The views stated herein are my personal views, and not necessarily the views of my wife. =
  11. The new nforce boards are promising. I had thought that the A64 chips weren't capable of much ocing. This may make an upgrade from my xp-m 2500+ at 2.4 happen a lot sooner. Thanks for the info Spitfire.
  12. I hate being so impatient...... But then again I guess waiting is the way to go, since almost no improvement to performance unless I go all the way out, which is not the plan. Thanks for you comments. Maybe I will get an lcd or something, but then again the 10ms hydis isn’t out yet.

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  13. Am I the only sane person here? He wants to upgrade...but he would get barely a perf jump and probably no real world speed increase? if he wants to get a perf jump and not pay a lot...just grab a new mobo, like the DFI infinity and swap it in...he can run dual channel and maybe even OC his current processor higher...seems crazy to spend the money on similar hardware...

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