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The laptop has a 60gb hd right now and I want to install a higher capacity.Compaq/HP chat told me that I can only use a 60gb,but the spec sheet says I can go up to a 120gb 4200rpm IDE.There is even a part number for it,407853-001. :??: Could I not just get an IDE hard drive without having to get their part number hd? Any help is appreciated.Thanks
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  1. Hard drives are pretty generic so you should be able to use any model which does not exceed the maximum size stated in the spec (though actually that may just be the biggest they ever supplied so a larger one may work). To be safe, I'd find a dealer who is prepared to take the drive back if your are unsuccessful.

    Pay attention to setting of any jumpers on the existing drive -- Compaq always used to set their IDE drives to Cable Select, whereas most drives are supplied set as Master. Either should work but just be aware of it -- you may have to download a data sheet from the drive maker's site to see how to select using jumper.
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